From the Parents...

"The VLC/Chapel community is unlike any I've ever known. On our daughter's first day of Preschool, I learned what a "Bucket Filler" is; and, how a group of "Bucket Fillers" reinforces a community. Some 8+ years later, that metaphor still resonates powerfully with me. Our family feels truly blessed to be part of the VLC/Chapel community."                                                  
Tony DiNota

"As parents of four children who have attended The Chapel School we could not have wished for a better place for them to go.  All four have gone on to do well and we could not be prouder of them. As doting parents it would be easy to say they are all smart (we think they are), but the truth is they had an excellent head start at Chapel.  All four got accepted into Master's High School. The oldest graduated cumlodi with a double degree. The next one with a degree in Wildlife Biology.  Our 3rd is staring Goucher this fall and the youngest is a senior at Masters High with a GPA of 3.8.  Don't walk, run to get your child registered!"

Chuck Gray

From the Students...