Josiah Kabemba • Class of 2012

"The Chapel School provides a good learning environment, allowing you to grow and become an individual while being part of a community.  It helps you to establish life-long friendships (I still talk to all of my middle school friends) in a very positive environment where the teachers are very close to the students.  They keep our best interests in mind and provide a good foundation that helped me transition to high school."

Josiah Kabemba
Class of 2012

Clodagh McEvoy - Johnston • Class of 2017

"The first word that comes to mind when I think about Chapel is family.  From the first day I arrived at Chapel until present I have felt like I was part of a family who accepted and loved me.  Chapel takes in any new student, faculty member or parent and treats them like they have been there forever. Even after a student graduates, they know that they will always have their Chapel family to go back to. I can happily say that I am a part of the loving, caring, wonderful community.

My favorite memories of my time at The Chapel School are going to the Church every Wednesday and praising the Lord with all of the other students. It is a joyous time where the student body can be together and when the true Chapel spirit is revealed. The spirit of love is expressed, not only for each other, but for our savior Jesus Christ.

Other children should attend The Chapel School because they will make the best friends and the best memories of their lives. Not only will they make everlasting memories but they will have the chance to achieve academic greatness while learning about the love of Jesus Christ. Chapel provides a loving community that will support them and make every effort to ensure that they can succeed.  Overall, The Chapel School is the best place to educate your child in a welcoming, loving and spiritual environment."

Clodagh McEvoy - Johnston
Class of 2017